RCCarZone Issue 3 Sneak Peek: Project Cherry Blossom

Getting into RC drifting on a budget can lead to frustration and often huge disappointment. You cannot simply convert an existing touring car and expect it to perform anywhere near as well on track as a purpose designed and balanced counter steer drift platform…but ‪#‎AceofAxe‬ has found a very cool solution…cue a build guide and review of the bang for buck 3-Racing Sakura D4! here’s a taster:-

“I’ve had this Toyota Supra shell for about 3 years. I’ve had it sat on a shelf in its original packaging just waiting for the right drift chassis. I’ve had a few RTR drifters since I bought it, but I have resisted temptation to just put it on any kit. I am not a patient person so this wait has been painful. At one point I decided I would go ahead and paint it and get it cut out for when the day would come. So it sat in its painted and trimmed state for another year and a half.

Then a trip to www.radshaperc.com in Minworth UK would make my mind up for me. I had taken the review Axial Bomber rig there to get some action shots on the indoor scale mountain. Then my good mate and Scale Nationals competitor, Steve Day showed up with not only his scale rig but his drifters as well. He had a really expensive full option drifter, and then he had the new Sakura D4. I had previously thought about the Sakura D3, but never made the plunge and bought one. So I was out on track with my RTR drifter and he was out with his expensive one. I was surprised when he asked if I wanted to have a go with ‘El Expensivo’. So I took it and he took my RTR. Immediately I could see a lot of improvement in my drifting. The car reacted so much better than mine. So much so in fact, Steve went and grabbed his D4 to use instead.

He was nailing the apexes and just making the D4 go wherever he wanted it to go. He will deny this and say he is a novice, but he is way better than I was. I was asking how much the one I was driving was and he said it was well over £500 all in. I have spent much more than this on kits and equipment, but I wasn’t ready to put that into a drifter. So I asked him how much the D4 was he said around $120. Yes, you read that right $’s, as in ‘Murican’ money. He saw the surprised look on my face and switched radios. I couldn’t see the difference between the two. The Sakura was amazing and hitting most of the apexes like I wanted it to. The only lack of performance came from me! I went on to ask Steve a million questions about it and decided It was the obvious choice to finally have a chassis worthy of my Supra shell…
When I got home the missus was at work, so I quickly got the laptop out and went to www.AsiaTees.com and put an AWD D4 in the cart, as well as a One-Way diff for the front. I closed the laptop, whistled and walked away…cue big RC related grin!”

Read the full review in issue 4 of RCCarZone (out in a few days time…) availble to download FREE here: http://rccar.zone/download/

For more on the Sakura D4 head to: www.AsiaTees.com

Read The Full Review For Free In
Issue 3 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine




Read The Full Review For Free In
Issue 3 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine