RCCarZone Issue 3 Sneak Peek: “All Aboard The G Train!”

We head to a top secret non US location and Interview Mr Scale Adventure’ himself: Brian Parker…

Here is a taster:-

“RCCZ: Can you describe in simple words what ‘Scale’ mean to you?

Parker: “Scale to me is adventure. It’s not only adventure in driving, but it’s the adventure in building and making your scale vehicle, whatever you drive, your own. I have seen some of the most amazing builds, really elaborate as far as things like the dash. The glove box opens and closes, and even a lit up little symbol for the cigarette lighter…its all in the fine detail…”

RCCZ: So one of your signature things in the last year has become your Kilt. And some people say it replaced Captain Axial, can you tell us something about your Kilt?

Parker: “You know I owe the kilt attire to ‘Adventure IQ’, he’s a G6er, he also does adventure training and outdoor survival stuff. He is the one that convinced me to wear a kilt in the ‘Tators ‘n’ Kilts’ RECON G6 in Northern California. After that experience I was hooked. But wearing a kilt at an event, and wearing a kilt in public are two totally different things. I will explain: So I wore the kilt out for the very first time to the grocery store to do some shopping. I thought what could possibly go wrong? Well, as soon as I got out of the truck the wind blew the kilt all the way up and left nothing to the imagination for all the people walking by, so that essential was start of the public kilt wearing process. Its was definitely the worst thing that could possibly happen…Since then, let’s just say my luggage was handle very personally by an Austrian TSA agent. Those are about the most exciting stories that are kilt related, other than possibly the random up-lookers if you will. Everyone wants to know what is under the kilt…I tell them nothing but good times and 1:1 adventure!”

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Read The Full Review For Free In
Issue 3 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine




Read The Full Review For Free In
Issue 3 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine