RCCarZone Issue 1 Sneak Peek: Revolution Of Species

I have loved 1/8th scale Rally X racing ever since I built my first E-Rally X a few years ago. The scale and power of them is just awesome! But, as I started racing them here in the UK, inevitably I started to have some ongoing issues with the H2O. However well I tried to waterproof it, the ESC/Motor always seemed to want to short out, and always at key moments in a race adding to my frustration. Normally I dry it out and eventually everything runs OK again, and obviously when the weathers dry it’s faultless, and never missed a beat.

I’ve actually been through a few different ESC set-ups, some of those even claimed to be “waterproof”. Then I bought a really expensive set-up and tried it out. It didn’t take long until it started to act funny as well. I would pack every open space on it with Blue Tac and it would work for a while, but it always let me down when I really needed it most. I would be racing in a final and doing quite well, and then it would die. I watched the racers I had worked hard to overtake take the position back away from me as my car sat lifeless on the track. This was a really annoying (and expensive) ongoing problem to have…I almost ‘Hulk Smashed’ a buggy more than once at race meetings!

Then my mate Tony (the Phat Wizard) from ARC Raceway had a little chat with me. He said:-

“Scott, you know what would keep your ESC from getting wet?” I was so irritated I was willing to try anything. I said “please tell me…”

He said, “Racing Nitro…No ESC, No Problem”…

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Read The Full Review For Free In
Issue 1 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine





Read The Full Review For Free In
Issue 1 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine