Nuremberg Announcements: Why Have 4 When You Can Have 6?

Horizon Hobby Go 6.0 with their Latest Spektrum Tx

DX6R 6-Channel Surface Transmitter with BLE Connectivity

Racer, basher – it doesn’t matter. The powerful features and capabilities of the DX6R will transform your driving experience.

Has a 5.5-Millisecond Frame Rate: when matched with a receiver capable of 5.5ms, the DX6R delivers lightning-fast response that gives new meaning to the word ‘connected’.

Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface: You literally ‘tap’ into the programming features of the DX6R using a touch-screen interface. The big, colour display makes navigating menus and adjusting parameters as easy as it gets.

Programmable Voice Alerts: Keep tabs on important information without ever taking your eyes off what you’re driving. With the programmable voice alert system, you can have the DX6R call out lap times or report telemetry information. If an alarm goes off, you won’t have to look at the display to see what’s happening. The DX6R will tell you. In addition to a built-in speaker, the DX6R has a headphone jack that allows you to monitor voice alerts using earbuds so you don’t bother other drivers.

250-Model Memory
The enormous capacity of the DX6R’s on-board memory means you will rarely, if ever, need to juggle models between transmitter memory and your SD card.

Bluetooth Model Transfer: If you’re out driving with another DX6R owner, you can quickly and easily swap model setups via Bluetooth. No need to remove the SD card at all.

Built-In Telemetry: The built-in telemetry feature can give you real-time information on things like your vehicle’s battery voltage, signal quality, motor temperature and more.* Using the voice alert system, you can program the DX6R to tell you when specific telemetry values reach or exceed limits you define. You can also have it call out a sequence of telemetry values on demand with the flip of a switch.

Note: *Vehicle must be equipped with a telemetry-enabled receiver like the included SR6000T.

Superb Ergonomics: Optimised weight distribution and adjustable features make it easy to customise the DX6R’s ergonomics to your driving style. The result is a sense of balance and comfort that perfectly complements the precision of DSMR technology, especially during long racing heats.

Adjustable features include:

• Trigger and steering tension
• Left- or right-had steering
• Multiple grip sizes

Includes SR6000T Telemetry and SR2000 Race Receivers
You can take advantage of all six channels and telemetry functions with the included SR6000T. A tiny SR2000 Race Receiver capable of a 5.5-millisecond frame rate is also included.

Programming Features
The DX6R comes with an impressive list of programming features, some of which include:
• Up to 3 drive modes per model
• AVC™ programming for compatible receivers
• Programmable mixes
• 7-Point throttle and steering curves
• Voice alert programming
• Dual rates and expo

• Intuitive, color touch-screen interface
• 5.5-millisecond frame rate with compatible receivers
• Voice alerts over speaker or through headphones
• 250-model memory
• Telemetry
• AVC™ programming for compatible receivers
• Bluetooth model transfer
• Superb ergonomics
• Includes SR6000T and SR2000 receivers
• Long-lasting Li-Ion battery with charging base
• EN328 compatible

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