Issue 1 Tech Zone Sneak Peek: “Transform and Roll Out…”

OK, so that’s a quote from Transformers, and you can see why when the KO Propo EX1 KIY V3 looks as cool as it does. It can be transformed and configured from individual component modules and a grip, into a pro spec steer wheel radio with amazing response, feedback and features. But there’s a back story, and it started for me back In the 80’s…

“Many moons ago whilst still a schoolboy was when I originally started the hobby of racing radio control cars. My first transmitter was an Acoms unit. After a brief break from the track I found I needed to get back to my radio controlled fix and purchased another radio control car. This time the model shop I visited showed me the KO range of transmitters and unable to remember the numbers I do remember them all been steering wheels which is still the case now, my most recent being the KO Propo Eurus. This was originally 40MHz and then a spectrum pro module was fitted enabling me to convert to 2.4GHz.

For a while I have heard drivers at race meetings saying they had moved to faster response units which had improved their driving/results. I had always dismissed these claims as my radio felt okay, though recently as my car has got faster I have felt my radio is not is attached to me and the car response time seems to have a lag. After a fellow racer explained pros and cons of 2.4 GHz, the new latency speeds and that the spectrum pro was DSM 1 technology which meant my transmitter had a slow response. In other words I needed to upgrade…”

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Read The Full Review For Free In
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Read The Full Review For Free In
Issue 1 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine