Graupner X8N HoTT 2.4GHz Telemetry Radio System

Words & Images: Clive Pratley

Radio gear, it’s a fundamental item of your RC kit and available in many shapes, sizes and budgets, and something that really hasn’t been left behind in all of the development that has happened in the RC world over the years.

Regardless of your preferences, you can guarantee that there’s something out there to suit you, from a basic £50 stick transmitter to an ‘all singing, all dancing’ £500 setup.

More recent advancements in technology has seen the now common place channel-hopping 2.4GHz frequency take over from the older 40MHz (and even 27MHz for the oldies out there) ‘swappable crystal’ units, with more and more adaptations being made available to tune to your liking, and even the introduction of telemetry systems…something that would have been shunned 20 years ago as a space-age pipe dream I’m sure!

Graupner, the German manufacturer known for its quality radio systems and models across many different RC platforms, have integrated all of these into one, fairly affordable unit with this X-8N HoTT.

With an RRP of £199.99, the Graupner X8N HoTT 2.4GHz Radio steer wheel unit could be classed as a mid-range system, but that doesn’t mean its short on features – and with such strong competition in this format and price range, it needs to stand out…

Read the full review in Issue 1 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine for free!

Read the full review in Issue 1 of RCCAR.ZONE Magazine for free!