Editor: Peter Gray (AKA: Madpete)

Peter GrayManaging Director of The Hive Mind. Engineering Model Maker turned Technology Journalist (with lots of stuff in between!) Named Madpete in the 80s after jumping a Transit van, lengthways, on a BMX, with no landing ramp. Doesn’t remember much of the 90s as was at University, DJing, Running Club Nights, and living in London. A life-long love for RC in all its forms, Computer Gaming, Gadgets and Technology has led him to work on The Gadget Show and Gadget Man, Co-authoring the Gadget Show’s Book and even helped to launch Geek Week on YouTube with Jason Bradbury’s SupaRobotAttack. Currently one of the organising team of: UK Drone Show the biggest drone specific event in the UK, Co-host of the UK Scale Nationals and RECON G6 UK events, and Press Officer to the British FPV Racing Association. If he had more fingers, they would be stuck into more pies…then he would probably eat them! Fuelled by Espresso, and a thirst for knowledge, he watches a film a day, spend at least an hour on his decks mixing and enthusiasm is his middle name…

Deputy Editor: Simon Crabb (AKA: Lazy-Sea-Bunny)

Simon Crabb Option 1Operations Director of the Hive Mind, an ex-Northern-Southerner who first raced RC buggies back in the late 80s, his heart being with Tamiya and Schumacher. Educated as a Master Geek in Geordieland, he then rode the London dot-com boom, doing web stuff for Delia Smith, various magazines and the Guardian. 1st mid-life crisis was as a penthouse-hermit digital-entrepreneur, before retiring to the seaside to live off crab sandwiches and pies. After selling a company he had his 2nd mid-life crisis, moved into an Ambulance (yes, really) and messed about for a few years before opening an RC car shop – rcLazy. The industry were amused (or maybe annoyed) by his dry wit used in a variety of badly produced YouTube videos that went on to sell a ton of stuff. Together with his pet rock called Rocky Robot and two bunnies it was now time for the 3rd mid-life crisis, selling yet another company, freelancing as a Marketing Consultant and becoming a dad. Now he’s back in the publishing industry, and what better subject than RC? He’s come back home…

Contributing Editor: Adrian Jones (AKA: Indiana)

Adrian JonesThe final part of the Hive Mind equation and Finance Director. Another RC fan since childhood, doesn’t tell anyone his real age, (and we think he’s had work done). Resides in a shadowy part of the IT industry, heavily guarded by Firewalls and Biometric Security Systems, his high profile clients include Mclaren and possibly even Lego. He’s an Apple Fanboy if ever there was one, having invested heavily in the company over the years, his office now looks like an Apple Store (complete with assistants with name tags, bright T shirts and huge smiles), there was even a queue at the recent launch of the iPad Air that actually formed the day before. A dad of two boys who is often found on their Xbox One, logged into Xbox Live and shouting verbal abuse at other players in a fake Norwegian accent. He loves good food, better wine, great cinema, intelligent conversation, nice cars and his current tech obsession: Aerial Filming and Racing Drones. Adrian has written for many titles Madpete has edited, and has been instrumental in keeping him medicated and under complete control during the lead up to the RCCarZone Launch…

Contributor: Andy Moore (AKA: Twinset)

Andy Twinset MooreWhat can one say about Twinset, especially that hasn’t already been said behind his back at least once before. He is like the hand-made premium Chorizo of the team, an acquired taste initially, but with a satisfying and often very smooth end result. He’s run his own successful Crawling forum, was a founding father of the UK Crawler Nationals, is still a Key member of the Tamiya Club, a moderator of all things Grammatical and Written, a Urine Extractor of the highest calibre, and Sarcastic, him…never. He randomly send very obscure DVDs through the post as protective CD review mules, I never knew you could actually get an instructional video on reproducing lifelike woodland scenes with nothing but roadkill and a lump of coal. Hes also obsessed with macro shots. Of Bugs, Spiders, his Finger, Wounds, Cats, Plant Pots (with cats in them), Water Droplets, Exploding Water Droplets, His eye, The Sun, The Moon, Half a Sun, Part of a Moon, The River, His Feet In kayak, His feet further down the same river in a Kayak, Thrash Metal Bee Gees Cover Bands, Granola, Random objects that have nothing to do with reviews, yet pop up mid-way through a series of images. He also wears shorts, all the time, even at -7 on a cold winters day, in a caravan, in a field in Cornwall. Go figure. He’s knowledgeable, loyal to his friends, a great person to spend time eating a bad breakfast with and sees the fun and wonder in the world through the same eyes he did as a child. Perhaps one day he might even grow up, or grown more hair?

Contributor: Jerry Ibbotson (AKA: Ibbo)

Jerry IbbotsonJerry is still trying to work out when he wants to do when he grows up. Given that he’s now in his mid forties, married with three kids, he really should hurry up about it. He has been a BBC radio journalist, including a few years at Radio One in the nineties where he read the news for John Peel and was once introduced on-air by hip-hop DJ Tim Westwood as “Yo, my man Jerry from Newsbeat”. Which is odd because he’s more at home in compost than Compton. He has reported all around the world but his favourite moment was hurtling around the Isle of Man on a Honda Blackbird for a story about the TT races. He’s also worked in the games industry, where he was frequently the only one in the room who a) had a girlfriend and b) could string two words together. His job was making funny noises for a living. If you want to hear a dragon farting while wading through water, Jerry’s your man. He still works as a freelance journalist and writer and has penned two urban fantasy novels – “like Tolkien without the hobbit shit” as one kind soul describes his writing. He also works in a convent, which is worth a whole piece in itself…

Contributor: Scott Curlin (AKA: AceofAxe)

Scott AceofAxe CurlinScott is our token Yank (but now actually lives right here in the UK). Ex-USAF, he’s seen lots of action all over the World (some of even military related!) He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and brothers, a gentle giant and our very own tame HULK. He genuinely loves to smash Moto-X bikes, RC vehicles, 1:1 Vans, Cars and himself at every opportunity. His enthusiasm known no bounds, his passion for beards is second to none and his capacity for Mountain Dew and Crown Royal now legendary in the car park of the Premier Inn Ripley. He has been inducted into the cult of Tamiya and is now a regular devotee, worshipping at the church of the Big Musty Box in the Attic at least once a day. Scott is one of the team that twice a year brings the UK Scale Nationals to hundreds of competitors; he is also a builder of show winning Shovelhead Choppers, a retro Skaterboard and BMX fan, and lover of anything Smoked and Pulled͛… His latest venture is AxeOfAxe RC, a YouTube channel following all his RC exploits and tying in with many of his RCCarZone reviews. Just remember to comment and like this and his other videos, just don’t make him angry or mention Space, he hates space…(even more than he hates Mayonnaise.)

Contributor: Stephen Allen (AKA: Speedy Steve)

Speedy SteveIf you ever become Dr Evil, and actually want sharks with frikkin laser beams attached to their heads, Speedy Steve is the man for the job. His Dad’s company based in the San Francisco Valley Area of the US develops lasers for medical use, and Steve heads a team that supply and maintain them to UK hospitals. He has never, ever shot himself with one, and the scars on his fingers and forearms are merely a co-incidence, possibly caused by freak soldering iron incidents in his youth. Over the years Steve has lived in both the US and the UK. Hes built, raced and then modified most types of RC car and he always gives 110% to the hobby. Steve has just one speed: Turbo-Nutter-Super-Pursuit-Mode. Even if the RC vehicle in question is supposed to go at a walking pace, he modifies it to do the Kesstle Run in less than 11 parsecs. He has an award winning real car that’s also so modified that I don’t think there’s anything left of the original other than the VIN plate. He’s often found at the Audis In the Park Event showing off his pride and joy to all who will look at it (and its only got him arrested twice!) Speedy is a modifier, a tinkerer and a fabricator. He’s full of genuine knowledge and willing to help anyone to get the best from their vehicle. He’s been UK Rock Crawling Champion and UK Scale Nationals champion more times than we can remember, can drive a clean, fast line with zero mistakes even though he always seems to eat something dodgy during the first night of every UK Scale Nationals, nothing to do with Rum n Coke at 4am at all… honest.

Contributor: Stuart Markham (AKA: Sticks)

Stuart MarkhamStuart refuses to accept the existence of the Steer Wheel Radio Transmitter. He also works in the medical micro-electronics industry and can put together RC builds in a way that none of us can even come close to. He once internally wired a steering servo, receiver and Electronic Speed Control together in such a way that you could not see the three were even connected. Why he did it we will never know, a bit mad we all thought at the time, but on a cool scale between 1 and 10 it was an 11. He races both On and Off Road regularly, and sometimes he even wins too! Stuart also Flies FPV Race Quads, helicopters, Planes, EDF Jets and Gliders. His spare room looks like the Smithsonian Air and Space museum. Because of his Jedi-like build skills, he is regularly asked to test build prototypes and R n D samples for a variety of high end manufacturers, with many of the kit builds from the last decade of RRCi having been his work. The source of all his power we have surmised is his ponytail and love of Oak Aged Bourbon. He has a complete wall of Blurays and DVDs at home, and is an avid film fan…My Little Pony In 3D has to be seen to be believed allegedly. A tropical fish tank filled with living coral the size of the great barrier reef resides in his lounge, and can be programmed to replicate everything from tropical storms (complete with thunder and lightning) to an island paradise at just the touch of a button. Naturally his fish all hate him…

Contributor: Clive Pratley (AKA: CliveyP)

Clive PratleyClive is, for want of a better word a Jockey by trade. But nothing to do with anything Equestrian, or even Bovine, he is a purveyor of the CAD, a Demon of the Third Dimension, A Viewer of Multiple Monitors and a Sufferer of M.R.R.S.I (Mouse Related Repetitive Strain Injury). This aside, he’s one of RCs Old Skool who after being lost for a while saw a light, headed straight for it and was greeted by the headlights of a brushless RTR review car, before it took his legs out and brought him straight back down to earth with a bump. “Things were very different in my day…” is something you may read in his reviews, as is: “In the old days we used to…” But that’s fine as he has a vast vault of knowledge stored in that memory of his. He’s into Fast and Classic (as he calls them) cars. Personally I think he’s stuck in a time warp somewhere between 1995 and 2003 and too tight to buy a modern vehicle, but in his favour he does accept the existence of the steer wheel transmitter and can allegedly smell the colour yellow. Clive recently got into long distance cycling and has vowed to keep fit in 2016. We sent him a crate of full fat Redbull and a dayglow safety vest with the words; Will Marshall All Heats For Free printed on the back for Xmas. That should help him keep fit for most of the next season of racing at Kidderminster… either that or he will fly all the way home by himself!

Contributor: Mark Christopher (AKA: Cartman)

Mark ChristopherMark Christopher, a name feared on RC forums all over the world, and the man who dared to post about the launch of RCCarZone on the UK’s only other RC Car magazine’s Facebook page… We bow in the presence of your unflinching commitment to this new magazine. He’s a Motorbike Trials Bike Rider, and a recent convert to falling off Mountain bikes too. As for RC, having raced On and Off Road since the 80s, there’s not much Mark hasn’t tried, crashed, mended or won over the years. As Dremel Team driver, his blue and white shells are known across the land and his rivals quake in their boots when they see the arsenal of cordless tools he manages to cram in his pit box at each race meeting. He can Drill, Cut, Polish, Engrave and even (if you ask him nicely) Grind at the drop of his Dremel cap, and get this: All with Full Precision and at a Variety of Speeds. Mark is very into Club and National level racing, and he takes his hobby very seriously. In the last decade alone he’s won Many BRCA titles in 1/8th, 1/10th, 1/12th and even clearing the pit area in seconds after a curry the night before at a Worksop National. He’s also an expert and fully qualified Ford mechanic, which is actually very useful to anyone who owns a Ford. Sadly none of the team apart from Twinset does [actually I do, Si.] (and he lives too far away to benefit). Mark also has a dark side… he’s often found reading another RC magazine in his Caravan, then dances dressed only in old 1/8th bodyshells around the nearest field humming the theme to Kickstart and chanting “I’m Eddy Lejeune, I’m Eddy Lejeune”..